safety tips

We believe going for a coffee in a public place is one of the safest ways to meet somebody new, especially if you follow the these tips:
  • Do not give out your personal contact details too early in the dialog with someone. Use our messenger functionality for your communication with another member, as this allows you to send and receive messages without revealing your email address.
  • When you first go out on your coffee date, make sure someone else knows when and where you are going and the details of who you are going to see.
  • Arrange to meet at or near the coffee shop or cafe, rather than somewhere less public.
  • Do not accept an invite to go elsewhere after your date.
  • Do not share transport home or accept lifts.
  • Avoid meeting after dark, if possible.
  • Take a mobile phone with you and ensure the battery is charged.
  • Have a good reason to leave ready. Possibly, arrange for a friend to call you on your mobile after 45 minutes or so.